Printscape Arena is pleased to announce that we have arranged Neurocognitive (Concussion) Baseline Testing with UPMC Sports Medicine Program in the Printscape Arena on August 23, 2022. We hope that you will take this opportunity to receive a baseline concussion test.

What is Neurocognitive Baseline Concussion Testing?

  • The ImPACT® neurocognitive baseline test is a computer-based test that establishes a benchmark score when an athlete is in his or her non-concussed or “normal” state.
  • The program known as ImPACT® (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing), checks neurocognitive function through working memory, visual memory, verbal memory, attention, reaction time, mental speed and processing speed.
  • The ImPACT® neurocognitive baseline test DOES NOT evaluate the athlete for a concussion, identify past concussion(s), prevent future concussions or determine if the athlete is predisposed to a concussion.
  • The results of the ImPACT® neurocognitive baseline test become part of a comprehensive clinical evaluation to determine the severity and the required medical treatment for the student athlete, should a concussion occur.
  • ImPACT® is the first and only concussion-specific medical device to be approved by the FDA.

Who is eligible to participate? What is the cost?

  • Any youth may register following the directions below.
  • Testing is FREE
  • All participants must be age 10+
  • The participant must not have sustained a concussion in the last 30 days and symptom free during testing.
  • Please follow directions below


What can I expect on the day of testing?

  • Arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment time; Black and Gold signs will guide you to check in in the Intermediate High School Library.
  • The program takes approximately 45 minutes to complete testing.


The Date: August 23, 2022

Sessions offered: 6:00pm  -or-   7:00pm

Please EMAIL the following information to Rob Dingle –

  • Your child’s name (first and last)
  • Their age
  • Session you prefer 6 or 7pm
  • Rink you will be testing at (Delmont, Southpointe or New Kensignton)

Rob Dingle will confirm your time via email

Any questions please call 412-432-3635


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