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Mission Statement

To promote Amateur Hockey stressing sportsmanship, fair competition, development and safety for hockey players of all skill levels.

The South Pittsburgh Hockey Club (formerly Southpointe Amateur Hockey Association) was chartered to organize and conduct ice hockey teams for all ages. Our primary mission has been, and still is, to educate, promote, and further the development of our players.

Under the guidance of USA Hockey and PAHL, we are committed to conducting seasons with an emphasis on learning the fundamentals of ice hockey, enjoying friendly competition, practicing good sportsmanship, and developing the concept of teamwork and esprit de corps. The goal of the South Pittsburgh Hockey Club, it's coaches, officials and volunteers is to place the emphasis on fun, while ensuring the players enjoy a safe and positive ice hockey experience.


The South Pittsburgh Hockey Club was chartered in 1994 to organize and conduct ice hockey teams for all ages.  SPHC operates an amateur hockey program for boys and girls from Mite to Midget levels (ages 5-18). South Pittsburgh Hockey Club is a non-profit corporation under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and is operated by a volunteer board elected by the membership.  To be a voting member, parents and coaches must pay annual dues of $5.00 and meet other terms and conditions as outlined in the South Pittsburgh Hockey Club's bylaws.

Organizational Philosophy

While we know that our children's lessons come primarily from parents, family, school and life, we also recognize that we can have a part in helping them learn life lessons on the ice and in the locker room.  It is a realization that we don't take lightly. At SPHC, we hope that your child's hockey experience will enhance the core values that you teach at home.  

We also understand that there are many hockey associations in the region from which to choose.   Our program reinforces what you teach at home while educating, encouraging and developing players— and we never forget that the emphasis is on  teaching and fun.

At South Pittsburgh Hockey Club all players will be given:        

  • the opportunity to learn the game of hockey
  • the opportunity to play the game of hockey
  • a safe environment in which to play the game of hockey
  • instruction on proper technique and skill development
  • examples of good sportsmanship
  • the opportunity to experience the joy of victory and the acceptance of defeat
  • the opportunity to have fun playing the game they love

League Play

Based out of the Printscape Arena in Canonsburg, PA, one of western Pennsylvania's premier skating facilities, SPHC has a proud tradition of excellence. This excellence manifests itself during our league play.  SPHC is a member of the Pittsburgh Amateur Hockey League (PAHL), a premier organization for the development and promotion of competitive youth amateur hockey in Western Pennsylvania.   All South Pittsburgh teams play in this league. Locally, PAHL represents more than 250 teams of boys and girls ranging in ages and skill levels from Mites to Midgets, who compete at all levels from B to AA.

Team Composition

USA Hockey and PAHL regulations will determine age and skill levels of competition.  Coaches, administrators and evaluators will use discretion in determining 1) whether a player has had adequate prior experience, skill and training to participate in the South Pittsburgh Hockey Club program and 2) the competitive level of play within the PAHL.  Players will be expected to play for the team and level as selected by the evaluators.


South Pittsburgh Hockey Club annually attracts area hockey coaches with outstanding resumes. At SPHC, our coaches are experienced and  certified by USA Hockey. As an organization, our coaches stress sportsmanship and teamwork. We design practices to promote individual improvement while  providing a safe, friendly hockey environment. South Pittsburgh Hockey Club annually boasts members with college and professional playing experience.

At SPHC, the Board of Directors will select all coaches after careful review and recommendation from the Director of Coaching.
All coaches are the direct responsibility of the Director of Coaching. South Pittsburgh Hockey Club coaches must comply with PAHL and USA Hockey requirements and participate in in-house coaching clinics as conducted by South Pittsburgh Hockey Club at the Iceoplex facility.

Contact Info

Have questions or comments? 

Email us at orginfo@southpittsburghhockey.org


South Pittsburgh Hockey Club

PO Box 887
McMurray PA 15317 


Rebellion Contacts

President - Sean Coyle

Director of On Ice Operations and Coaching - Tim Creahan

Registrar/SafeSport Coordinator - Charlie Hawthorne

Equipment Manager - Nick Santora

Secretary - Paul Tencer

Director of Technology/TeamSnap Coordinator - Brian Bozarth

Treasurer - Anthony Santaguida

Director of Player Development - Klete Kutrovac

Director of Member Relations - Matt Harmon

Director of Scheduling - Zach Gray

Director of Off Ice Operations - Lauren Leeper

ADM Coordinator - Nate Reitmeyer