Volunteer Requirements

Below is information regarding the clearances that all Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and Business Managers must complete. Clearances must be completed before August 1st; coaches will not be allowed on the ice until all clearances are complete. Business Managers must also complete the requirements before August 1st.  Please allow sufficient time to complete all requirements before August 1st!  Clearances may take a few weeks to process.  Online coaching education and Safe Sport Training modules take multiple hours to complete.

Head Coaches are selected by the SPHC Board of Directors.  If you are interested in being a head coach, please let us know at:  orginfo@southpittsburghhockey.org.

Assistant coaches are selected by the head coaches.  Once teams are assigned, please notify your head coach if you are interested in being an assistant coach.

Step 1 -- USA Hockey Number

Valid for 1 year

USA Hockey numbers for all coaches, players, and business managers.  Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches must register online as an "Ice Player / Coach" ($51 fee), in the same way that the players register. Business Managers may register as an Ice Manager / Volunteer  (no fee). www.usahockeyregistration.com

Step 2 -- USAH National Screening

Valid for 2 years

Required of all coaches and business managers.

This replaces the previous Mid-AM background check.  Screening must be processed through the USAH vendor online.  Cost is $30.00.  You must submit your PA Act 153 background checks as part of this screening. (SEE BELOW.)  Any screening dated before 4/1/19 are expired.


Step 3 -- SafeSport Module

Valid for 1 year

Required of all coaches and business managers.  This is now an Annual requirement.

The SafeSport module is free and is completed online.  The core training module has been updated.  A refresher course is available for those who have complete the NEW module.  Any completions before 4/1/2020 are expired.


Step 4 -- Age Specific Module (ASM)

Valid for age level

Required of all coaches.


Coaches must complete the ASM for the age division being coached.  Once completed, the coach does not have to repeat that particular ASM again if still coaching the same age division.


Step 5 -- Coaching Education Program (CEP)


Required of all coaches.

Clinics are instructed by USA Hockey personnel.  Cinics are scheduled at various locations.  Levels are 1 through 5.  Coaches must do a clinic or recertification each year until he/she reaches Level 4.  Coaches are permitted to do one clinic or recertificaiton a year regardless of level.  Please see USA Hockey's website for further information.


PA Act 153; Act 15 Background Checks


All volunteers in PA must satisfy the requirements of PA Act 15 for child abuse screening / criminal background checks.  These clearances are good for 60 months.  Copies of these clearances must be submitted to the SPHC Registrar.  The required background check clearances include:









Volunteer code 1KG6ZJ – Employee code 1KG756


Note: Volunteers are not required to complete the FBI clearance if they have lived continuously in Pennsylvania over the previous 10 years and are working an unpaid position. However, they must swear or affirm in writing (NOTARIZED) that they are not barred from volunteering due to a conviction or offense under §6344. Individuals who reside outside of Pennsylvania may serve as a volunteer for no more than 30 days as long as they provide clearances from their home state or county. Those volunteering longer than 30 days must obtain clearance through the state of Pennsylvania.