Required Equipment

Required Equipment

All Equipment Must Meet USA Hockey Approved Standard

  • Helmet with Full Face Shield or Cage
  • Neck / Throat Protector 
  • Mouthguard that Attaches to Face Shield or Cage 
  • Shoulder Pads 
  • Elbow Pads 
  • Hockey Gloves 
  • Athletic Supporter with Cup or Hockey Jock 
  • Pants 
  • Shin Pads 
  • Skates 
  • Stick with Butt End Larger than Smallest Opening on Helmet
  • Goalies Must Wear a Gobbler 

Street or Roller Hockey Pads Do Not Meet USA Hockey Safety Standards or Guidelines.

-Further information regarding jerseys and socks is provided to families after tryouts and placement.  Players are responsible for having to bring a practice-type jersey and hockey socks to tryouts.

If buying a helmet new, it is strongly suggested for players at the Squirt level and above, a concussion helmet be considered versus standard models. For the small difference in price the additional protection is worth consideration.


SPHC Required Team Uniform

Last season, we were transitioning to our new brand.   This season for 2022/2023, we are adopting a more uniform standard for our players 10u and above.

  • For 2022/2023, every Rebellion player will need to follow the team uniform which is Rebellion jersey, 2 pairs of game socks, shell.  Players will also need to wear a red helmet and black/red gloves.  The game jerseys, game socks, and shells are ordered through House O' Hockey.
  • The organization will provide practice jerseys and socks at no additional cost.
  • For 8U Mites players, you do not need a shell and red helmet is preferred but optional. 8u Mite players only need to order the reversible jersey and game socks.

Age Classifications

2022-2023 Youth Teams

For 2022-2023 season the following age groups apply. The 2022-2023 season will go from 8/1/2022 to 3/31/2023.

Birth Year Age Division
2018 4 8U Mite
2017 5 8U Mite
2016 6 8U Mite
2015 7 8U Mite
2014 8 8U Mite
2013 9 10U Squirt
2012 10 10U Squirt
2011 11 12U Pee-Wee
2010 12 12U Pee-Wee
2009 13 14U Bantam
2008 14 14U Bantam
2007 15 16U Midget
2006 16 16U Midget