SPHC Hall of Fame

At SPHC, we would like to start to celebrate important leaders for their exceptional contributions to youth hockey both as the Southpointe Rink Rats and South Pittsburgh Rebellion!  We are grateful for your vital contribution to our success.

This is a new feature that we just started.   These are individuals (coaches or board members) that made significant contributions to the club over many years. If you would like to nominate someone "posthumously" from our Rink Rats past, please send an email to orginfo@southpittsburghhockey.org with details on why they should be added. We will consider all nominations as a board.

Steve Anthos

Steve Anthos

Coached 2006 - 2022 (Inducted 4/2022)

Head Coach Steve Anthos coached at SPHC from 2006 till 2022 upon retiring with the graduation of his youngest. His final season was as the head coach of the 19u Girls team at South Pittsburgh Rebellion. The Anthos’s two kids, Jeremy and Makenna have grown up in the organization. As an inductee, Steve has coached every level of amateur hockey from mites through midget.

Mr. Anthos served on the Board of Directors at South Pittsburgh and South Fayette hockey and has been the head coach of the SAHA 19U Girls' team for 7 seasons. The SAHA 19U Girls won both the regular season and playoff PAHL banners in 2018-19, the regular season banner in 2019-20 and the playoff banner in 2020-21.

"The best advice I ever got in hockey was that if your kid makes it big, it will be in spite of you, not because of you. If they want it bad enough, you won't have to force them to practice on or off the ice."