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South Pittsburgh Hockey Club
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Rebellion Contacts

President - Sean Coyle

Director of On Ice Operations and Coaching - Tim Creahan

Registrar/SafeSport Coordinator - Charlie Hawthorne

Equipment Manager - Nick Santora

Secretary - Paul Tencer

Director of Technology/TeamSnap Coordinator - Brian Bozarth

Treasurer - Anthony Santaguida

Director of Player Development - Klete Kutrovac

Director of Member Relations - Matt Harmon

Director of Scheduling - Zach Gray

Director of Off Ice Operations - Lauren Leeper

ADM Coordinator - Nate Reitmeyer

Rebellion Teams - 2024/2025 Season

Name Coach Team Page
10U DiGorio Zak DiGorio View Team Page
10U Harmon Matt Harmon View Team Page
10U Palmer Cory Palmer View Team Page
10U Phillips Adam Phillips View Team Page
Name Coach Team Page
12U Budavich Ed Budavich View Team Page
12U Gray Zach Gray View Team Page
12U Kutrovac Klete Kutrovac View Team Page
12U Santaguida Anthony Santaguida View Team Page
12U Shell Scott Shell View Team Page
12U Walters Ben Walters View Team Page
Name Coach Team Page
14U Coyle Sean Coyle View Team Page
14U Creahan Tim Creahan View Team Page
14U Pelino Jim Pelino View Team Page
14U Schad Tom Schad View Team Page
14U Schnieders Matt Schnieders View Team Page
Name Coach Team Page
15U Shell Clay Shell View Team Page
16U Glock Justin Glock View Team Page
16U Mendenhall Todd Mendenhall View Team Page
Name Coach Team Page
18U Bumford Clif Bumford View Team Page
Name Coach Team Page
12U Scherr Tom Scherr View Team Page
Name Coach Team Page
16U Hammel Rob Hammel View Team Page
Name Coach Team Page
19U Dale Michael Dale View Team Page