8U/MITE Families (2014-2018 Birth Years) Save the Date!

Placements will be on Sat, July 30 and Sun, July 31!

If you sign up now, you are automatically enrolled in the remaining summer skates every Tuesday (last one is 7/26).
Keep in mind these important points.
  • Every player will be placed on a Rebellion team. There are no cuts at 8u.
  • Players will be placed on a team with similar skill level in three divisions, Red, White, and Blue based on number of players.
  • Last year we had 6 teams at the 8u level.
Age eligibility is determined by the current 8U birth year and following year as set forth in the USA Hockey rule book.
  • Red For the most advanced or experienced players, would be unusual for a 1st year RWB/8U player to be placed here.
  • White For 2nd year, final year, or advanced younger players
  • Blue Should be primarily 1st year RWB/8U players who have gone through a Learn To Play Hockey/Initiation (or similar).

Any more questions?  Send us email at orginfo@southpittsburghhockey.org!

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