Unfortunately SPHC will not hold a 18U General tryout this week on this Thursday and Friday due to a lack of registration. We do not have nearly enough players registered to try to make a team and there is no way we can hold a tryout. Therefore we are unable to field a second team.

1) If you registered for 18U General tryout only, you will get a full refund of your initial registration.

2) If you registered for the 2005/2006 AA team and did not make the roster, you get a refund with the tryout fees deducted.

3) Please send a refund request to orginfo@southpittsburghhockey.org and we will process them as soon as possible.

4) If you do not send in a request, we will have a bookkeeping period after tryouts and issue refunds then.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause some players, but could not have been predicted until this week. Any questions please send to orginfo@southpittsburghhockey.org.

SPHC Board