As we begin the 2024/2025 season, we have 6 open board positions up for election. The group is made up of volunteers that dedicate a good portion of their free time to ensuring that the organization runs smoothly for our Rebellion families. It’s a huge commitment but we all want to have a club that we can be proud about for the development of our kids as hockey players! Expect to spend about 1-3 hours daily based on your position trying to run the organization smoothly.

Board Member Requirements – 2 year term

  • Attend monthly board meetings in person – First Sunday of the month at 6p throughout the year.
  • A lot of hard work, time and effort keeping the club running.
  • Expected to help with tryouts at the end of the season in the month of April. Please avoid extended vacations during this month.

Send your submission via email to Please tell us about your hockey experience, experience on other boards, relevant home/work experience, reasons for seeking a board position, etc.

The deadline to submit your application is by Thursday, May 16th. Board elections will be in the Rebellion Room (below Bubbas) in Printscape Arena on Monday, May 20th at 6pm. Each candidate will be given a few minutes to speak at the annual meeting before voting occurs. The election is open to current Rebellion families with players for 2024/2025. For the annual election, it will be $5 for voting attendees. Once the new board is complete, those 11 members will determine who is the best fit for each position.

Thank you,

SPHC Executive Board