Board Elections will be held on Monday, 5/20 @6pm at Printscape Arena in the Rebellion room.  This room is currently in a remodeling phase but is big enough for a large audience. The location is in the back side of the rink in the area opposite where Shane Clifford’s Goalie School is located and below Bubba’s. When you enter the rink from the lower lobby, you will walk to the stairway to Bubba’s but enter the doorway for Shane Clifford and turn left. We will have some signs up and someone to direct you.

The election is open to current Rebellion families and coaches.  To attend and vote, it will be $5 per voting attendee and are required to sign in at entry.  There will be a sign in sheet at the entrance which will state Player’s Name, Team, and Name of Voting Family Member.  After you sign in, you will receive a ballot with all of the candidates.

We will have the Rebellion Room open to accept early ballots at 5pm if you do not wish to stay for the meeting.   In addition, there will be a stick and puck for 10u-19u Rebellion players from 5p – 5:50pm to get more families to come out and vote.

According to bylaws, each member will get 1 vote.  A member is defined as any person over 18 with a player on a team, or any head or assistant coach.  So for example, if you have at least one kid/player in the organization, you and your spouse can show up and cast one ballot each in the election.  No more, no less. See SPHC bylaw details below for eligibility.

Here are the list of candidates in alphabetical order.  Each candidate will be given a few minutes to speak at the annual meeting before voting occurs.  If you want, you can vote and leave before hearing the speeches. There are six open board positions. Here are the current candidates.

  • Sean Coyle
  • Mark Enzerra
  • Charlie Hawthorne
  • Klete Kutrovac
  • Lauren Leeper
  • John Pape
  • Nate Reitmeyer
  • Anthony Santaguida
  • Nick Santora

After everyone has spoken, the voters will check up to six of the nine candidates on their ballot.  The six candidates with the most votes will be elected to a 2 year term.   The newly elected board will have a board meeting afterwards to assign roles for the upcoming 2024/2025 season. A closed board meeting will be held afterwards.

Being a board member is a lot of hard work in keeping the club running.   Even if you do not have a family or team member running, it’s important for the success of our organization to have dedicated board members that are fighting to ensure that the organization is running smoothly for us.   We encourage all eligible voters to attend this session.

It’s a huge commitment for a board member but we all want to have a club that we can be proud about for the development of our kids as hockey players!

Section 1 – Requirements for Election Eligibility.   From SPHC Bylaws.
Any adult, over the age of (18) eighteen not participating in a junior hockey program, who meets the following criteria may be a member:
A. Has a child actively participating in the South Pittsburgh Hockey Club or is
either a coach, assistant coach or manager of a team in the South Pittsburgh Hockey Club.
B. Has paid all dues and fees as is required by either these by-laws or the administration of the program.
C. No person shall be excluded from membership by reason of race, color, creed, sex or national origin.
D. Each member in good standing will be entitled to one (1) vote on each matter presented to the membership.